This was Boston's visit in one day


Boston Public Garden

Our stage in Boston, during the road trip through the United States, started with the Harvard University visit, after which we went directly to the center downtown from Boston, where we park in a very central place, that is expensive.

Boston It is located in a place of convergence of several rivers, by the sea, with rivers that penetrate the land, so the city is surrounded by water and bridges.

Tourist brochures tell us that, as Boston, there is no other place in the United States where you can enjoy the rich revolution history and of the events that led to the historical rupture of United Kingdom.

Frog Pond in the Boston Public Garden

Boston visit in one day

The first visit took us to Boston Common and at Public garden, which is the big park in the city center,

There we could see a monument dedicated to soldiers and sailors, and the Frog Pond, a curious bathing area with sculptures of frogs, where many children bathe and play with the water, which was very suitable on a very hot day like the one we live in.

We also visited the Boston tourist office, where we just informed us and where, as always, we looked for and selected the free map that would guide us during the visit.

In order to follow this part of the history of the United States, the route known as Boston has been createdFreedom trail, or Liberty Walk. It is a walking route, more than four kilometers, marked on the ground with red brick or paint of the same color.

If you follow the Freedom trail, you will go through 16 historical places, each of them, an authentic American treasure, including churches, cemeteries, parks and even a ship.

Massachusetts State House in Boston

Halfway we stopped to eat on a terrace, a pleasant place with not very bright food, despite certain pretensions of the local and the waiters.

Once this historical tour is finished, after walking through downtown Boston streets, we returned to the parks and surrounded the central pond, whose banks were populated with willows.

It was the typical image of the great pond of a city, with rowing boats and ducks, which acquired great prominence with a group of bronze sculptures of a family of life-sized ducks.

The gardens were really well kept, with some rose garden and people resting or reading stretched out on the grass.

Something that caught our attention in various places in Boston were the tour guides who, dressed in the style of that 1776 of the revolution, performed their work with visitors to the city.

Sculptures in the streets of Boston

Also highlighted a dramatic monument dedicated to the great famine that since 1845, and for five years, he devastated the Irish in his country, which caused the death of one million people and the emigration of another two million to American lands, especially Boston.

Those who remained in Ireland had many calamities and diseases.

On our walk through the downtown From Boston we verify that the great skyscrapers of the city share space with old constructions, creating an atmosphere between modern and classic.

In short, the boston city It is very clean and gives the feeling of "finished."

You see many restaurants that serve fish and seafood, as in Gloucester, or on the Pacific coast, in San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver.

Tour guide with 18th-century dress on the streets of Boston


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Already by car we drive to the area Commercial Street to visit the floor buildings of true standing They overlook the sea with views across the bay, and from where different ferries depart to different places nearby.

Exhausted (for a change ...), we headed to the hotel to prepare and our last tour by car, with our dear Potomac, Poto. Tomorrow we begin the end of our journey (buah !, buah!) Heading to New York to spend the last seven days of this long and intense journey.

Boston Photos

Here you have more Photos from our Boston visit.