How to visit Alexandria and Mount Vernon mansion south of Washington


Mount Vernon, historic George Washington mansion in Alexandria

Only ten kilometers southwest of Washington DC is one of the oldest cities of the U.S.

Is about Alexandria, At present a small city of just over one hundred thousand inhabitants, but whose origins date back to the year 1749.

The actual Alexandria is a Washington satellite city Inhabited by professionals working in the multiple official agencies of the nearby capital of the United States.

Alexandria City Hall near Washington

But its historic center, known as Old town, Old Towna, has become a true tourist attraction, also offering a great nightlife.

After its constitution as a city, Alexandria It soon became a port of entry for ships from abroad, as well as an export port.

During the Secession War American acquired a major important as a strong defense of the city of Washington.

We have to keep in mind that Alexandria it's a city 50 years older than Washington, and currently in his Old town still retains more than 4,000 original buildings of the eighteenth century.

What to see and do in Alexandria

This gives this city that historical charisma that is very unusual in a country as "new" as the United States.

George Washington Masonic Temple

In the Old Town area, Alexandria Old Town, the street King street It groups numerous antique stores and contemporary art galleries.

In the Old town lived characters of great importance in the history of the United States, like his own George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

And its port, Parker-Gray, during the Secession War and after it became a place where black slaves escaped in search of freedom.

To go toAlexandriafrom the great avenue Washington National Mall you have to cross the Potomac river to him Arlington Cemetery, then go south.

Once you arrive at the Old town, the best way to enjoy Alexandria's historical charisma is stroll down King Street.

There you can appreciate the beauty of the numerous houses with architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries that surround it, as well as visit its Old taverns

Old tavern in Alexandria near Washington DC

Among these the most famous is the so-called Gadsby's for having the reputation that he himself George Washington He was a client of it.

Another prominent place for visit in Alexandria is the monumental George Washington Masonic Temple.

How to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington Mansion

Very close to Alexandria, just eight miles south, you can visit mount vernon, the Mansion where the cited will live George Washington, which has become the most visited historical place in the United States.

Now you can objects and documents that were owned by the considered asfather of the nation of the United States, as well as its tomb, a museum, a distillery and a mill.

The Mount Vernon visiting hours they are, from April to October, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from November to March, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Alexandria City Hall near Washington


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In the face of your visit, you have to keep in mind that to reach the mansion until you walk 20 minutes from the entrance to the former estate of George Washington.

In advance of your trip you can Buy tickets to visit Mount Vernon, with a scheduled time for the guided tour of the mansion, being able to do the rest of the visit on your own.

If you prefer, you also have the option to sign up for a tour from Washington to visit Alexandria and Mount Vernon with the company of a Spanish guide and four hours long.

Here you have the alternative of a boat cruise from Washington on the Potomac River, with visit of the mount Vernon mansion.

How to get to Alexandria from Washington DC

Alexandria It is 9 miles and half an hour by car south of Washington DC, city with which it is united by the Potomac river.

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