Skywalk, walk along a glass walkway over the Grand Canyon


Skywalk, glass platform over the Grand Canyon @Photo: Skywalk

One of the attractions that has been assembled from the large influx of visitors that has the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, in Arizona, is known as Skywalk, which allows you to have the feeling of walking on the Grand Canyon

He Skywalk It is a circular platform with a glass floor that protrudes from the precipice of a canyon 1,400 meters high from the base.

From there you can see some very special landscapes and panoramic views.

Skywalk, glass platform over the Grand Canyon

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  • How is the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  • Skywalk Grand Canyon ticket price
  • How to get to the Skywalk

Where is the skywalk glass walkway

Now, actually the Skywalk is not in the Grand Canyon National Park; not even the gateway has been located on the Colorado River.

It is located in one of the side canyons that leave the main canyon that runs along the aforementioned river, in the southern part, already outside the limits of the national park, in the area known as West rim.

How is the Grand Canyon Skywalk

This tourist attraction It was inaugurated in March 2007, and located in the reserve of the Hualapai Indians, the project was opposed by the members of the tribe.

He Skywalk it protrudes 20 meters from the edge of the canyon, and although it has been built in a way that could support the weight of up to 800 people, in practice it is not admitted that more than 120 people are placed on it.


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I personally had no chance to visit the Skywalk (When I traveled to the Grand Canyon the platform was not yet inaugurated), but if I anticipate that as you can see in the opinions and ratings of TripAdvisor, it is a somewhat controversial visit.

You have to take into account that it is not allowed to take photos from the platform once you have uploaded it.

Of course, there is currently no time limit to remain on it, because at the beginning time was limited.

Skywalk Grand Canyon ticket price

He price for going up to Skywalk It's $ 69, which corresponds to the Legacy Skywalk pack.

This price also includes access to the viewpointsHualapai Ranch, Eagle point and Guano Point, as well as the bus transfer for them.

You also have the possibility to sign up for a Skywalk Tour, an optional complement to the Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas by minivan, which you do in a day with Spanish guide.

This excursion that leaves Las Vegas very early will take you through the Hoover dam and the Lake mead until the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Once there, you will visit the aforementioned viewpoints and have the options of walk the skywalk, make a helicopter tour 12 minutes or give a boat ride on the river than a quarter of an hour

The day will be completed with the return by minivan to Las Vegas, about 10 hours later.

Here you have all the information about the Grand Canyon West Rim Tour from Las Vegas.

How to get to the Skywalk

If you go on your own, to get to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, you have to access by Peach Spring, in the old Route 66, halfway between Kingman and Seligman.

After traveling 25 kilometers on a road in poor condition, you have to park the car and take a bus that makes a tourist tour, including access to the platform.