2018 International Magic Festival at the Circus Price Theater


2018 International Magic Festival at Teatro Circo Price in Madrid

It has already become a classic of the Madrid scene, because this year the eighth edition of the magic festival that in the Circus theater Pricefrom Madrid It brings together the best and most awarded national and international magicians.

If you like them too magic shows, as is my case, from February 8 to March 11 You have the opportunity to attend the International Magic Festival 2018, which combines magic with theater, music and humor.

The International Magic Gala It is the main event of this festival that begins with the prelude to the program Close Magic with different shows of cartomagia and micromagia.

In this type of magic show that is carried out with the assistance of a limit of 100 people, you have the possibility to attend at a very short distance to different numbers that several international teachers carry out.

Specifically, in this edition year 2018 that is celebrated from February 8 to 11 the North American participates Adam Rubin which presents a show of comic and unpredictable magic.

It will be accompanied by the Spanish Miguel Angel Egea, specialized in micromagia and has been awarded the National Grand Prix of Magic, and Pere Rafart, who combines magic and comedy and has been the winner of First National Prize of Cartomagia 2017.

Wizards in Magic Festival 2018

For its part, the great show of the International Magic GalaIt is carried out under the artistic direction of Jorge Blass, who also participates in the show.

This year year 2018 in the gala participates the Ukrainian Viktor Kee, considered one of the most outstanding visual artists of today.

Jorge Blass at the International Circus Magic Festival Price

Also french Xavier Mortimer, with a number in which fuses music, dance and pampering with magic.

On the other hand the Spanish Hector He is one of the most international Spanish magicians; specialist in great illusions, has participated in the tour of The Illusionists.

The Austrian Otto Wessely He is one of the most famous specialists in comic magic; the French Nestor Hato Surprised by his incredible skill with the cards.

For its part, the Argentine Mirko resident in China brings a spectacle of visual and impressive magic.

Finally, the popular Spanish magicianJorge Blass It will present great illusions with unprecedented effects.

Schedule Festival Magic 2018 Circus Price

The schedules of the 2018 International Magic Festival of the Circus Price They are the following.

The schedules of the Magic of Cerca 2018 they are, Thursday 8, at 8.30 pm; Friday 9 and Saturday 10, at 8.30 pm and 10 pm; and on Sunday 11, at 6 pm.

The ticket prices They range from 13 to 26 euros.

Refering to Grand International Magic Gala, takes place from February 14 to March 11, from Wednesday to Friday, at 8.30 pm; on Saturdays, at 17,30 and 2, 30 hours; and on Sundays, at 12 and 18 hours.

The show lasts an hour and a half without rest.

The ticket prices They range from 12 to 33 euros. Those under 14 years of age, holders of the Young card, seniors +65 and people in wheelchairs.